Free express post shipping on all Australian orders over $50.00. Sunny Coast locals-please see shipping terms for special rates.
Free express post shipping on all Australian orders over $50.00. Sunny Coast locals-please see shipping terms for special rates.
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About Us

Welcome, we're three friends; Robyn, Tee and Rose, living on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Qld. Together we're Sera Sera and we've come together to fill a niche in  the jewellery market. Not everyone that visits us will like what they see, but as the old saying goes "You can't be everything to everyone". 

We're curating a range that is mainstream, but different. Classic but fierce. A line of jewellery that is comfortably wearable but has attitude and sass! 

The Sera Sera range is a collection that inspires you to authentically be yourself. A collection that allows you to be different but still fit in. An adaptable and unique collection allowing you to shine your light and live free. 

Take a look around, stay a while, email us a big fat hello if you like. Hopefully, among all the metal on this site, you find a piece that fits you perfectly and you'll cherish it always. 

Robyn (left) after some what or a Gypsy childhood she has had a long career in Retail Management and Aged Care work. Wife to her amazing soulmate Barry, Mum to one and a Nannie to two adorable grandsons (heart melting). She loves body art and it is a little left of center. Our Robyn is an empath with a love and understanding of all people and their crazy emotions. She loves reading, writing and telling stories to make make people feel emotion. In charge of all things social media for Sera Sera. Robyn is currently working on a Leather  range that we will eventually sell here at Sera Sera.

Tee (middle) has spent a huge chunk of her working career in logistics making her the perfect person for Sera Sera to have taking care of all logistic related stuff. Tee is quite possibly the weirdest and most peculiar person you'll ever meet. It does make for some fun and extremely amusing times. She's an only child (not sure the world could handle two of these babies anyway, lol). A coastie for 36 years, she's happily married to her darling Francis who too is a goofball making them a perfect match. Connoisseur of ALL things Beer, adoring mother to a sassy little Frenchie and about 5000 birds (most annoying as she's always leaving drinking sessions early to go feed the flock). Tee, loves to hug, (so,so much) and she can't wait for Corona virus to SODD-OFF so she can get back to hugging the world.  . Tee is currently working on a Resin range that we will also sell here.

Rose (me, right), a Sunny Coast original, who grew up in Woombye and attended school in Nambour. I escaped from  the coast, to test the waters of Sydney, Melbourne and the Gold Coast. I waited in bars in Sydney, supervised restaurants on the Goldie, and trained as a florist in Melbourne working at the famous Flowers Vasette in Brunswick St. There was also a "small" dabble into Stand up Comedy at the Star & Garda and St Kilda's Espy.  I eventually moved back to the Sunny Coast to Contiue floristry after hooking up with and eventually marring Jason, a primary school friend. Always a creative, I hobby in web design, cooking, photography and am currently learning the art of Silver-Smithing. If I end up being any good at it you will find some pieces for sale here branded as "Little Sunflower Smith" in memory of my most beautiful, courageous, witty and so very sadly missed friend and sister-in-law, Maree.